Burrito Eater

We all know that there’s some serious burrito action in the Bay Area. The ultimate guide to this action seems to be Burrito Eater, which seems to have a rather comprehensive guide to burritos in San Francisco.

If only this site could be such a good resource. 😉

(via SF Metblog, via MeFi)

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I accidentally reverted the site to an older version, if I can’t figure out how to restore to the latest you may need to register again and repost what was missed, I’ll update soon.

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Steps of Rome Caffe

Gnocchi at Steps of Rome In North Beach there are a million Italian places but Jane knows her stuff and recommended this one, so we tried it out. Jane and I started off with the bruschetta, which was tasty though I wasn’t very good at keeping the stuff on the bread as I ate it. The key to a good italian place is supposed to be the gnocchi, so that’s what Jane got (she’d loved it before) and I got hte gnocchi panchetta. Both were really good. Splurged on a little chocolate souffle for dessert that was appropiately yummy. That was that! The service overall was good, and most of the waitstaff was “quite attractive.” I’ve heard they will dance, but we didn’t observe any of that.

Be careful if you go here, they don’t take credit cards, but the food is great.

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Over by Union Square yesterday doing some shopping and Jamie was hungry so we decided to grab a bite at Lori’s on Powell. Lori’s is a cute little diner place which a nice selection of pinball games. The food seemed a little expensive but it was a bit of a tourist trap area so I don’t know if all their chains are similarly priced. I wasn’t very hungry so I ended up going with a Coke with Cherry and a banana split. I forgot to stir the syrup in the coke so got a blast of cherry when I took a sip. It was overall a bit strong, I’ll probably go for a shot of vanilla next time. The banana split (banana is a funny word to type) was HUGE and very tasty, pretty much what you’d expect. They were quite generous with the whipped cream, which wins them a point in my book. I heard that Max’s has better desserts but no complaints here. Service was fast and attentive.

Lori’s Diner
(415) 677-9999
149 Powell St
San Francisco, CA 94102

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Boring again, had a Maya’s chicken mole burrito for lunch. I was in meetings throug lunch time and it was almost two, when all the lunch places close in my part of SoMA, so Maya’s was just too easy. Read about the chicken mole burrito here.

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Breakfast of Champions

Two glasses of milk and 21 chocolate covered cashews.

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Little Debbies

Health food A light snack was had on the Half Moon Bay Beach of Little Debbie’s chocolate/cream things and cream-filled oatmeal cookie sandwiches, with milk. Yum!

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Two cokes and a burrito What do you do when you’re in the Outer Richmond, surronded by great Asian places? Go to Gordo’s and get a burrito, of course! I had been to a Gordo’s once before when I was visiting Tantek but I’m pretty sure that one was in the Haight, while this Gordo’s was at 19th and Geary (ish). I ended up going for the super burrito with guacamole and sour cream (I love sour cream) and beef. As burrito’s go, this one was very solid, and much better than the one at Pancho Villa the other day. Coke seems to work great with Mexican food, so that was the drink for this late lunch.

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Tony and Mary’s

Ice Cream w/ cardomon and Mango Tonight I had dinner at my friend’s house where they were hosting a small dinner party. (And it was also their 13th anniversary.) The company made the night, but the food was great too. Started out with a light summer wine called (I believe) Lillet with a small orange peel in it. The food was indian themed, I had rice, chicken curry, daal, potatos and cabbage, green beans, and some great spicy/sweet carrot stuff. Desert was vanilla ice cream with mangoes and cardomon, pictured to the right.

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We had lunch at a great place called Luna in the Castro. It’s right next to the Body Shop, and you walk in and they seat you in a garden in the back which is a great atmosphere.

One of their specialties is Mimosas, so we got the “Mimo Combo” where you pick two juices (we got peach and orange) to mix. They had an attractive selection of food, and the pasta sounded good, but in the end I went for the corned beef Ruben which came with a pickle and some great ultra-skinny fries.

The ruben really fell apart in my hands and was a mess, but that’s mostly because it had a huge amount of meat. (See picture to the right.)

I was still a bit hungry at the end so we ended up splitting their Chocolate Crunch which was a chocolate cake with some sort of special whipped cream (it started with an M?) and toffee.

Luna Mimosa Reuben

558 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA

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