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I accidentally reverted the site to an older version, if I can’t figure out how to restore to the latest you may need to register again and repost what was missed, I’ll update soon.

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Steps of Rome Caffe

In North Beach there are a million Italian places but Jane knows her stuff and recommended this one, so we tried it out. Jane and I started off with the bruschetta, which was tasty though I wasn’t very good at … Continue reading

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Over by Union Square yesterday doing some shopping and Jamie was hungry so we decided to grab a bite at Lori’s on Powell. Lori’s is a cute little diner place which a nice selection of pinball games. The food seemed … Continue reading

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Boring again, had a Maya’s chicken mole burrito for lunch. I was in meetings throug lunch time and it was almost two, when all the lunch places close in my part of SoMA, so Maya’s was just too easy. Read … Continue reading

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Breakfast of Champions

Two glasses of milk and 21 chocolate covered cashews.

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Little Debbies

A light snack was had on the Half Moon Bay Beach of Little Debbie’s chocolate/cream things and cream-filled oatmeal cookie sandwiches, with milk. Yum!

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What do you do when you’re in the Outer Richmond, surronded by great Asian places? Go to Gordo’s and get a burrito, of course! I had been to a Gordo’s once before when I was visiting Tantek but I’m pretty … Continue reading

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Tony and Mary’s

Tonight I had dinner at my friend’s house where they were hosting a small dinner party. (And it was also their 13th anniversary.) The company made the night, but the food was great too. Started out with a light summer … Continue reading

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We had lunch at a great place called Luna in the Castro. It’s right next to the Body Shop, and you walk in and they seat you in a garden in the back which is a great atmosphere. One of … Continue reading

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Sushi RIKA

It was late and we were driving around Chinatown looking for something open and good. Parking was non-existent almost everywhere (always a problem in this city) and nothing seemed open (“This would never be a problem in New York.”) when … Continue reading

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