Sushi RIKA

It was late and we were driving around Chinatown looking for something open and good. Parking was non-existent almost everywhere (always a problem in this city) and nothing seemed open (“This would never be a problem in New York.”) when we spotted a late-night italian place with a parking space nearby we decided to go for it. Unfortunately most of the kitchen was closed already and they just had some pizza that didn’t seem very appetizing at the time.

Fortunately about a block away there was a sushi place open that looked pretty good. We walked in to Sushi RIKA and were greeted by techno music and some pleasant smells. They had a good selection and a menu with lots of pictures which I’m sure would help someone like me who knows pretty much nothing about sushi. Started with some hot tea and ended up going for the San Francisco roll, Unatempura roll, 49er roll, Bay roll. Some Tempura Green Tea ice cream was a great end to the meal. Everything was fresh and well-prepared and presented. Service was excellent, and I’d definetly go back some other time. Prices were very reasonable too. Here’s some pictures of the meal:

Choosing Sushi Howdy Bay Roll 49er Roll and Una Tempura Roll Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream

My favorite was probably the Bay roll and Unatempura.

Sushi RIKA
900 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

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Quizno’s again

So I’m a big dork but I grabbed the exact same meal again for lunch today, except I got sour cream Lay’s instead of Dorito’s, and I also got a chocolate chip cookie. The Carbonara is really growing on me, today it tasted pretty different from hte last time, it had more of some sort of sauce that added a very interesting flavor. The bread also seemed better, perhaps because I went earlier in the day.

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Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa Door We were meeting in the Mission before DJ Spinnerty’s gig at Skylark, and Jamie suggested we meet at this little place at 16th and Valencia called Pancho Villa. Mission is always colorful, and I got to take some of that in while I waited for Jamie and Zack to get there. Even though I had already had a burrito for lunch, the meat looked so good I decided to go for their Deluxe Burrito with carnitas, refried beans, rice, and cheese. I also had a pretty good Horchata, which is a Mexican drink with rice, almonds, cinnamon and sugar. (My favorite horchata is still in Austin at that place everyone goes during SxSW, can’t remember the name.) The burrito ended up being pretty dry, I think they used too much rice and not enough beans or meat. The chips were also a little stale, none of use ended up eating many of them. The best part about Pancho Villa is probably the crowd, it was totally packed when we were there and we also had a window seat and got to observe some interesting antics outside. Nice atmosphere, but I’m convinced there’s better Mexican in the Mission.

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Maya’s for Lunch

There’s this restraunt about a block away called Maya that is a schmancy Latin place at night but during lunch has a mini-Maya in the bar that has much cheaper lunch food. They have some excellent burritos and for lunch I got a Chicken Mole burrito with refried beans. This is by far my favorite that they do, and it’s really great. Make sure to ask the guy for extra chips when you pick up your order. One of the best lunch deals in the SoMA/Rincon area.

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I didn’t have much time before 106 Miles down in Palo Alto so I grabbed a quick bite from the Quizno’s between my office and house. I really fell mixed about that place, sometimes the food is decent but other times it’s been pretty mediocre. Quizno’s can actually vary quite a bit from location to location. I decided to try something new and got a regular Chicken Carbonara on white bread with Dorito’s and a Dr Pepper (of course). The sub actually ended up being really good, I’ll have to have that again. It was a little pricey for Quizno’s, but still cheap in comparison.

I didn’t get it this time, but last time I got the chocolate cookie they have and it was just like I like — soft with big chocolate chunks. Best served with warm milk. (Preferably that isn’t already expired, whoops!)

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Had the leftovers from Olive Garden for breakfast, they were pretty good. Had the Tour of Italy (chicken, fettecine, lasagna) cold and it was good, and heated up the leftover curly garlic fettecine. Very tasty, good way to start the day.

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Olive Garden

Glenda at Olive GardenI have some fond memories of Olive Garden from Houston because when I moved out of my parent’s house there was an Olive Garden almost exactly between us. So the restruant always reminds me of my family and going there ever since I was really young and devouring the breadsticks. Also some of my earliest digital photos are from when my Mom took me to OG on the last day of school. Earlier today someone mentioned the restruant on #wordpress and I got a crazy craving for those breadsticks again.

I went to their not horrible website and found the closest one is about 8 miles away in the Stonestown Galleria. The service was friendly, though sometimes not as prompt as I would have liked. They sat us at a giant table with 8 seats. First off, the breadsticks were terrible. After eating two (I was hungry) we sent them back and the second batch was just as bad. The salad was decent, though not as crispy or fresh as I would have liked. I ordered the Tuscan Garlic Chicken which is a limited time special. It came with curly fettecine and some bell peppers and garlic cloves. The drink was (of course) Dr Pepper. The chicken was tasty but a little dry, the fettecine was really good and well-spiced. I had filled up on breadsticks so ended up taking a bit home.

Overall, the food was decent but I’m inclined to give it a lower rating because the breadsticks were so bad. 2 out of 5.

3251 20TH AVENUE SPACE 187
Phone: (415) 661-6770
Fax: (415) 661-5434

Sun – Thurs: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Fri – Sat: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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