Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa Door We were meeting in the Mission before DJ Spinnerty’s gig at Skylark, and Jamie suggested we meet at this little place at 16th and Valencia called Pancho Villa. Mission is always colorful, and I got to take some of that in while I waited for Jamie and Zack to get there. Even though I had already had a burrito for lunch, the meat looked so good I decided to go for their Deluxe Burrito with carnitas, refried beans, rice, and cheese. I also had a pretty good Horchata, which is a Mexican drink with rice, almonds, cinnamon and sugar. (My favorite horchata is still in Austin at that place everyone goes during SxSW, can’t remember the name.) The burrito ended up being pretty dry, I think they used too much rice and not enough beans or meat. The chips were also a little stale, none of use ended up eating many of them. The best part about Pancho Villa is probably the crowd, it was totally packed when we were there and we also had a window seat and got to observe some interesting antics outside. Nice atmosphere, but I’m convinced there’s better Mexican in the Mission.

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