We had lunch at a great place called Luna in the Castro. It’s right next to the Body Shop, and you walk in and they seat you in a garden in the back which is a great atmosphere.

One of their specialties is Mimosas, so we got the “Mimo Combo” where you pick two juices (we got peach and orange) to mix. They had an attractive selection of food, and the pasta sounded good, but in the end I went for the corned beef Ruben which came with a pickle and some great ultra-skinny fries.

The ruben really fell apart in my hands and was a mess, but that’s mostly because it had a huge amount of meat. (See picture to the right.)

I was still a bit hungry at the end so we ended up splitting their Chocolate Crunch which was a chocolate cake with some sort of special whipped cream (it started with an M?) and toffee.

Luna Mimosa Reuben

558 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA

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