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Burrito Eater

We all know that there’s some serious burrito action in the Bay Area. The ultimate guide to this action seems to be Burrito Eater, which seems to have a rather comprehensive guide to burritos in San Francisco. If only this … Continue reading

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Boring again, had a Maya’s chicken mole burrito for lunch. I was in meetings throug lunch time and it was almost two, when all the lunch places close in my part of SoMA, so Maya’s was just too easy. Read … Continue reading

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What do you do when you’re in the Outer Richmond, surronded by great Asian places? Go to Gordo’s and get a burrito, of course! I had been to a Gordo’s once before when I was visiting Tantek but I’m pretty … Continue reading

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Pancho Villa

We were meeting in the Mission before DJ Spinnerty’s gig at Skylark, and Jamie suggested we meet at this little place at 16th and Valencia called Pancho Villa. Mission is always colorful, and I got to take some of that … Continue reading

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Maya’s for Lunch

There’s this restraunt about a block away called Maya that is a schmancy Latin place at night but during lunch has a mini-Maya in the bar that has much cheaper lunch food. They have some excellent burritos and for lunch … Continue reading

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