Sushi RIKA

It was late and we were driving around Chinatown looking for something open and good. Parking was non-existent almost everywhere (always a problem in this city) and nothing seemed open (“This would never be a problem in New York.”) when we spotted a late-night italian place with a parking space nearby we decided to go for it. Unfortunately most of the kitchen was closed already and they just had some pizza that didn’t seem very appetizing at the time.

Fortunately about a block away there was a sushi place open that looked pretty good. We walked in to Sushi RIKA and were greeted by techno music and some pleasant smells. They had a good selection and a menu with lots of pictures which I’m sure would help someone like me who knows pretty much nothing about sushi. Started with some hot tea and ended up going for the San Francisco roll, Unatempura roll, 49er roll, Bay roll. Some Tempura Green Tea ice cream was a great end to the meal. Everything was fresh and well-prepared and presented. Service was excellent, and I’d definetly go back some other time. Prices were very reasonable too. Here’s some pictures of the meal:

Choosing Sushi Howdy Bay Roll 49er Roll and Una Tempura Roll Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream

My favorite was probably the Bay roll and Unatempura.

Sushi RIKA
900 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

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